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Writers Using Their Pens to Help Others
What started out as a simple cry for awareness of the needs of the unemployed quickly snowballed into writers banding together to help, by putting their pen where their mouth is.

Along with hundreds of thousands of others in this country, single mom S. Gardner has been hit by the economic crunch and is currently unemployed. To spread awareness of the hardships faced by so many, she frequently writes about the challenges being met as unemployment insurance payments threaten to run out, and Congress continues to haggle over the issue of more extensions.
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From the front page, “At Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources, our mission is to raise awareness about the poverty and homelessness facing the world every day. We promise to provide resources and information to help those in need, as well as assist in educating others on ways to help. Even a little can go a long way to someone who has little to no resources.”

Please visit Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources for information if you are in need of help or want to lend a helping hand. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

Here is the intro to the newest blog helping writers help people, “Writers For a Cause:
Do you want to help someone in need, but are unsure of how to do it? If so, you have come to the right place. Here you will find ways that freelance writer’s are helping those in need with little to no monetary investment. We all have something to offer.”

Visit Writers for a Cause for resources, guides, articles and more.

Hoosiers Call 2-1-1 Center to Get Food, Rent and Other Aid
At least 66,000 Hoosiers have lost benefits because the latest unemployment benefits provision has not passed. This is obvious to those of us in Indiana who have friends and neighbors
whose homes are in foreclosure, even though Indiana home sales aren’t as gloomy as those nationwide.

Those without unemployment benefits are desperately looking for jobs, not just for months, but for a year or longer.
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