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ShelterBox is there when disaster strikes to provide emergency shelters and lifesaving supplies. The International disaster relief charity that provides big, green boxes to those who have been victims of natural disasters such as when the monstrous earthquake hit Japan over six weeks ago.

Inside these green boxes are practical and urgently needed equipment. Each box contains one disaster relief tent that holds up to 10 people, a children’s pack (crayons, pens, coloring books), blankets, sheets, gloves, malaria nets, water purification systems, a tool kit (for self sufficiency), and a stove (wood burning or multi-fuel). The boxes are adapted to address the victims in different areas of the world affected by different disasters. Those experiencing devastation after a tsunami may not be affected in the same way as those who have experienced an earthquake’s devastation.

Learn how you can get involved and help ShelterBox. Check out their Young ShelterBox area too for Scouts and Teachers.


Homelessness and hunger are problems throughout the world. Bloomington is no different. When thinking about Bloomington, most only think of IU’s impressive campus, but the homeless and hungry are there as well; however, even though it is not in the forefront, there are several services available in Bloomington there to help the needy.

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From the front page, “At Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources, our mission is to raise awareness about the poverty and homelessness facing the world every day. We promise to provide resources and information to help those in need, as well as assist in educating others on ways to help. Even a little can go a long way to someone who has little to no resources.”

Please visit Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources for information if you are in need of help or want to lend a helping hand. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

As the alleged rants of Mel Gibson show, domestic violence is alive and well in America. No matter what your level of wealth, education or social status it is a problem that might impact you or someone you know.

When quite young I saw an elder relative arrive at my home all bruised up. Her husband had a rage problem and a massive infidelity problem too. And yet in other ways he was extremely loving and kind. That kind of explains domestic violence to me. Someone who seems nice, who in public appears to be a good person, is someone quite different in private behind closed doors.

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