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Bringing equality, protection, health and education services to children is what UNICEF is all about. The United Nation’s Children’s Fund is a global movement for children and the advocacy of children all over the world. With the help of national committees, country programmes, the help of volunteers and generous donations, UNICEF works to provide educational tools to children, prevent the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDs and malaria, and provides emergency humanitarian assistance during natural and man-made disasters.

UNICEF advocates for children about topics pertaining to nutrition, exercise, life skills, education, health, and so much more. They are a leader in providing care and help for children who have been abused, abandoned and become refugee’s from war ravaged countries. UNICEF gives these children a voice.

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T is for TRAID

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Charity, Education, Poverty

Textile Recycling for Aid and International Developement is a charity based in the UK that works to protect the environment, reduce waste and educate the public on environmental and world poverty issues. To accomplish these goals TRAID operates over 900 textile recycling banks where clothing is donated and saved from landfills to be sorted through and sold at TRAID shops.

Clothing that is damaged, stained or torn is redesigned and sold under the award-winning recycled label, TRAIDremade. When the organization members are not sorting through clothing they are raising money for expansion of recycling projects and educating the public through assemblies and workshops.

In addition to saving the environment and education the public, TRAID has been actively combatting poverty around the world. Some projects that the organization has been a part of include Africa Now, Every Child, and the Fairtrade Foundation.

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