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Fact: “Every 9.5 minutes someone in the US is infected with HIV.”

LifeBEAT is a nonprofit organization that used the power of music to educate young people about HIV/AIDs, a virus that will infect someone in the U.S. every 9.5 minutes. The organization provides outreach programs and gives concert-goers HIV/AIDs literature, condoms and information on testing centers and counseling services.

Supporters of LifeBEAT including Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Jay-Z, the Dave Matthew’s Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more have enabled LifeBEAT to reach young audiences while doing concert and tour events. This helps LifeBEAT spread the word about how important it is for young people who are sexually active to engage in safe sex practices to prevent the spread of HIV.

Just one of the many programs that LifeBEAT provides is the Heart’s and Voices Program. The Heart’s and Voices Program is an on-going program that has been “bringing the gift of live music to thousands of people at numerous facilities throughout New York City including hospitals, residential facilities and day treatment centers” to those living with HIV/AIDs.

You can help LifeBEAT by making a donation or volunteering your time.


HIV testing sites in Chicago are free, safe and confidential places for people in the Chicago area, or the surrounding suburbs, to get tested. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, kills white blood cells and thus
harms the immune system. When this happens, infections can occur. When the infections manifest, a person has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS.

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Annie Lennox is the mastermind behind the SING campaign which raises money for HIV/AIDS victims in South Africa. She was inspired by the words and actions of Nelson Mandela who said, “Let us use the universal language of music, to sing out our message around the world.”

In 2007, Annie Lennox and 23 other singers joined their voices together in an effort to raise awareness about the stigma of HIV/AIDs. The song, SING, has become a symbol of unity and empowerment.

When you donate to the SING campaign, your money is used to get people access to the treatments they need, education about HIV and prevention education. Funds also go to the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Programme across South Africa.

During the 2010 Idol Gives Back event, Annie Lennox, wore a shirt that said HIV Positive on the front. She knew this would draw attention and questions. She answered those questions in a youtube video:

To purchase a shirt in support of the SING campaign or to find other ways you can get involved and help raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic visit the link below: