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KIND is an organization dedicated to providing unaccompanied immigrant children legal counsel so they are treated fairly and compassionately in the immigration system. Kids in Need of Defense is a partner collaboration between Microsoft and famed humanitarian Angelina Jolie. It provides a pro bono legal network of law firms, corporate law departments, NGOs and volunteers to protect the rights of unaccompanied immigrant children.

Over 8,000 children come into the U.S. and have to face the immigration courts alone. With the help of KIND these children can now have access to free legal counsel that will help them navigate the complex terrain of immigration courts.

Some of the children that come into the U.S. unaccompanied have fled from war torn homes, been abandoned, been victims of sex trafficking and/or have fled from severe abuse and sought a safe haven. These children are not given legal counsel when held in detention centers. According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights report, “Considering the complexity of immigration proceedings, the Inter-American Commission is deeply concerned that State-funded legal representation is not provided to unaccompanied children. A February 2009 Women’s Refugee Commission report estimated that approximately 60% of unaccompanied children do not have legal representation in their immigration proceedings.”

To donate or offer services please visit KIND and help Kids in Need of Defense.


From the front page, “At Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources, our mission is to raise awareness about the poverty and homelessness facing the world every day. We promise to provide resources and information to help those in need, as well as assist in educating others on ways to help. Even a little can go a long way to someone who has little to no resources.”

Please visit Poverty & Homelessness Issues and Resources for information if you are in need of help or want to lend a helping hand. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

Free Medical Services and Legal Services Are Available Throughout North Carolina
There are many free and discounted resources available for people in need in North Carolina. I am most familiar with the services available in my hometown of Raleigh, but I am including state-wide resources as well.

Some of the available free and discounted services in North Carolina include the following:
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