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Lemonade Fighting Cancer

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Cancer, Charity, Children

A few years back, I came across a lemonade stand but it wasn’t an ordinary lemonade stand. This lemonade stand was an Alex’s Lemonade Stand and more important to the children running it than any lemonade stand I had seen before. These kids were not just selling cups of freshly squeezed lemonade but attempting to make a difference for children affected by cancer.

In 2000, a young 4 year old girl named Alexandra Scott (Alex) wished to run a lemonade stand to raise money to help “her doctors” find a cure for kids with cancer. Over the next four years, Alex, would run lemonade stands although her health was fading fast. During the fourth year, she set a new goal for her lemonade stand, she wanted to raise $1 Million dollars. Her parents asked her how she planned on raising that much money, she answered…”if everyone holds lemonade stands and sends in their money, I think I can do it.”

Alex did meet her goal. With the help of thousands of volunteers, neighbors and friends, Alex’s Lemonade Stand reached the goal of $1 Million Dollars.
That was the weekend of Alex running a lemonade stand. Sadly, on August 1, 2004, Alex passed away losing her battle with childhood cancer. However, Alex and her message of hope live on through lemonade stands across the nation.

The Alex’s Lemonade Foundation has raised over $30 million dollars with 40% of that money coming from lemonade stands just like Alex’s. Money raised through the lemonade stands goes to raising awareness about childhood cancer, cancer research, and new treatments for those diagnosed with cancer. Please visit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to find out how to run your own lemonade stand, buy products that support Alex’s dream of curing childhood cancer and to find other ways in which you can make a difference.