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Gaia Fights Hunger has partnered with Soles4Souls for the Flippin’ Good Deeds Challenge. The challenge will have me, Linda the blogger, hosting a shoe drive for the entire month of October. This shoe drive is very important because the shoes collected will be donated to those who are in dire need of foot protection.

Families and children all over the world are living in extreme poverty or have been faced with natural disasters that have left them without food, water, or clothing. Soles4Souls does an incredible job of collecting and distributing shoes (and much more) to those who need it most.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the organizations representatives and then writing about them as a guest contributor for Poverty and Homelessness Issues and Resources. I’m very happy to be taking part in the “flippin’ good deeds challenge” because it combines so many things I am passionate about.

There will be four locations in my hometown area of the Poconos where donations can be made. I’m working on securing them today and will post them as soon as I’m able.

If you run a blog I’m going to encourage you to participate in this challenge also. Other than being able to do “flippin’ good deeds,” blogger’s participating will have a chance to win an international mission trip with Soles4Souls to help deliver the shoes to the people who need it most.

Shoes are so important and often we here in America take for granted our footwear. I know that I do. I have a closet filled with shoes and most I don’t even wear. Shoes can prevent disease and it could mean whether a child receives an education in some places.

Can you imagine walking miles to school only to be turned away because you didn’t have a pair of shoes on your feet? Children in other countries face this reality every day.

If that isn’t enough incentive to get you to give up a pair of shoes then think about this; shoes can prevent the spread of parasitic diseases that plague over 1.4 billion people worldwide.

The “flippin’ good deeds” challenge is sponsored by flipflop wines, a brand well worth checking out. To learn how to get involved or to learn which blogs are participating check out visit Soles4Souls “flippin’ good deeds” sign up page.