P is for Pencils of Promise

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Charity, Education, Helping Others, Music

“We’re the impossible ones. We want to start revolutions with a pencil and a backpack. We want to test the edge of the world by feeling its curves. We want to see more, be more, do more.” This quote is from the Pencils of Promise Who We Are page and sums up what this organization is all about.

Pencils of Promise was started in 2008 when one child on the streets of India asked for a pencil. In the years since Adam Braun, found of PoP, handed out that first pencil over 20 schools have been created and over 20 projects have been established and started. These projects create schools for children without access to education all over the world.

Justin Bieber is a big supporter of PoP and together have launched a new campaign for everyone out there to make your own fundraiser page to create Schools4All. Whomever raises the most money will get to meet the teen pop sensation along with Pencils of Promise’s founder Adam Braun at the school of their choice.


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