O is for Operation: Blankets of Love

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Animals, Charity, Education, Helping Others

Rejoyce Over Touch by Erick Pleitez

The mission of Operation: Blankets of Love is more than just collecting comfort items for sick, abused, and neglected homeless animals living in sanctuaries and shelters. It is about providing emergency first-response to shelters and sanctuaries, advocating for animal welfare, and promoting adoption to decrease animal homelessness.

Operation: Blankets of Love is a non-profit organization that collects, transports and distributes new and recycled comfort items to animal shelters, sanctuaries, foster groups and rescue groups. Some items that are needed year round include towels, blankets, pet treats, leashes, collars, pet toys, pet beds, crates and carriers.

Please help Operation: Blankets of Love by becoming a sponsor, donating or hosting a blanket drive. Your help will provide sick, victimized, and neglected animals with comfort until they can be adopted into good homes.


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