M is for Milk + Bookies

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Charity, Children, Education, Helping Others

“Read, Give, Grow!” is the slogan on the front page of Milk + Bookies, a non-profit organization that is inspiring children to give back while enjoying a good book. The organization focuses on a peer-based philanthropy philosophy for children and teenagers.

Projects run by volunteers include the Milk + Bookies Class Project, run by teens and college students to earn community service hours, and Milk + Bookies Birthday Parties, run by parents for younger children to learn about giving back.

The idea is that parents along with their children will buy books and/or ask guests for gently used book donations in lieu of presents for the party. The host of the party will then find a recipient group for the book donations. M+B provides support for finding a group in need of books. During the party, the children who are donating the books, will sit at a small table with crayons and inscribe bookplates that are then adhered to the books. After this the children can enjoy story time, milk + cookies, and any other party activities the host has decided on. One suggestion that Milk + Bookies offers is “Blank books for children to write and draw their own story.”

Milk + Bookies supports parents and students who choose to host a M+P party or class project from start to finish. If you are interested in learning more or hosting your own Milk + Bookies party check out their main website for details on how to get started.


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