H is for Hear the World

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Charity, Children, Education

1 in 6 people worldwide are affected by hearing loss. That is quite a lot of people if you think about it. Hear the World is an initiative by PHONAK, a leading manufaction in innovative hearing services, that is meant to prevent, support and provide solutions to thosem affected by hearing loss.

Hear the World focuses on educating the public about hearing loss, raising awareness on the importance of hearing, and gives advice on how to prevent hearing loss from the noises in our world. Many celebrity singers, musicians and entertainers have joined with Hear the World to become Ambassadors for the cause.

Some of the Ambassadors for Hear the World listed on their website include Billy Idol, Josh Groban, Annie Lennox, Bobby McFerrin, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and many more. The most recent to join the cause is Joey McIntyre, a musician best known being in the group New Kids on the Block.

McIntyre’s son Rhys was born with severe hearing loss and the singer just didn’t know how to handle it. According to the musician, “Thankfully, because of today’s advanced hearing aid technology, I don’t have to worry about my son missing a beat. That is why I am honored to join Hear the World in their mission to educate the public about hearing loss and the solutions available to treat it.”

Joey McIntyre is now a spokesman for Hear the World’s latest PSA campaign. You can view it here.


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