What to Do when Your Loved One is a Victim of Domestic Violence by Jo Brielyn

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Domestic Violence Help, Helping Others

How to Help a Friend Who is Being Abused
Domestic violence is a series of actions which are used to exert power and control over a cohabitant, spouse, ex-spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, or girlfriend. This relationship abuse takes on a variety of forms, but the most typical ones are emotional, sexual, and physical. Although domestic violence is generally thought of as a “female issue,” statistics are now showing that men are often victims of relationship abuse as well. Abuse does not target one specific gender, race, age, education level, or economic status. It can happen to anyone. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, approximately 1.5 million women and 835,000 men are reported battered each year.

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